We offer a few advertising options to our Marketplace vendors. After your store is set up and you want to promote your store to drive to your store, here are some ways we help you promote your store without breaking the bank. Depending on your preferred option you will pay a flat fee between $50 and $575 for your showcase. You decide the best advertising option(s) for your store, and we help you save money while promoting your store.

Choose from one of our four advertising levels, which offer a range of fees and benefits:

  • Social Media Featured Showcase on multiple platforms ($375 flat fee/3 month feature)
  • Branded Giveaway Promotions ($150 flat fee/giveaway event)
  • Paid Ads on Facebook, Bing Ads, Google Shopping ($175 flat fee per platform + ad spend)
  • Marketplace Promotion ($475 flat fee/3 months)
  • SisterBuzz Sidebar Ads ($50 flat fee/month)


Our Marketplace favorite business sections are not based on paid advertising but on buyer feedback and seller excellence. Our advertising programs are short term contracts that can be renewed, and can be canceled at any time. This allows you to try out different options without spending a lot of money until you find the best option for your business.

Fees for Marketplace listings are 3% of each sale transaction for SisterBuzz members and 9.5% for non members. Fees for store promotional and other services will be communicated to vendor once they are determined based on vendor’s choice of store promotion option. We also offer a monthly flat fee marketplace option of $25. With this option you do not pay a commission on your sales, only the needed taxes and payment gateway transaction fees as applicable. Fees are withdrawn as soon as an oder is completed.

Unless granted an exception by SisterBuzz, all seller accounts must provide a credit or debit card for the purposes of verification of their identity, and for payment of fees and services rendered.

You are responsible for paying all fees associated with using SisterBuzz ‘s service and all applicable taxes. If a seller owes more than $2.00 USD in fees at the beginning of the month, they are emailed an invoice detailing the amount due. Payment for the amount due must be made in full within 15 days of the date on the invoice.

Yes it does. In the sense that as a SisterBuzz member you get additional marketing resources and advertising benefits that come with you SisterBuzz membership. You can check SisterBuzz.com for additional membership benefits or to sign up.

Email grow@sisterbuzz.com with your selected advertising option and we will send you the relevant instructions. You can also sign up directly via this link.